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CSI, Inc.


  **Important information for residential child care, foster care, and a variety of home and community-based programs:

Case Management and Fundraising/Donor Tracking:

Since 1982, Command Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing affordable and flexible software solutions for case management/client records and for fundraising/donor tracking. CSI serves human service agencies around the USA from our offices in Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida. Software applications include FinDevTM and ComServe SecureTM. For more information, click here.

Contact CSI at (727) 466-0789 or email,

More Information on Command Systems, Inc. (CSI)

Since 1982, Command Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been specializing in software and services for residential child care, foster care, and a variety of home and community-based programs.

Currently, we are introducing our newest case management product for agencies. ComServe SecureTM evolves from 23 years of company experience in working with not-for-profit, non-government organizations who want to deliver the highest quality of services supported by affordable and flexible information technology resources.

If you would like to discuss our resources and this limited-time offer, including an online demonstration of ComServe SecureTM, contact CSI at (727) 466-0789 or email,

ComServe SecureTM, a high quality case management solution for Communites of Service all across America!

  • Unlimited number of users, agency sites, or programs;

  • LAN, WAN, or web-based;

  • No expensive annual maintenance contract;

  • Flexible tools and reporting to evaluate Outcomes Measures;

  • Promotes quality-focused service planning;

  • Intuitive WindowsTM interface;

  • Comprehensive, customizable, adaptable to many settings;

  • Affordable, accessible support services by the professionals who design and live by this software;

  • Data conversion from existing systems, including ASPs;

  • Check us out now:




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